Tips on cleaning your suede couch

Suede is good to look at and nice to touch, but with beauty comes regular maintenance. If you really want

to keep your suede furniture, you should be ready to take care of it properly. Take note of the following

tips on keeping your suede couch in immaculate condition.

Vacuum regularly

The vacuum cleaner will be your best friend if you have suede furniture. Vacuum the fabric first before

resorting to other cleaning techniques.

Invest in protective spray

The liquid works in protecting the fabric from accidental spills and keeping stain from becoming

permanent. Spraying is best for new couches.

Use cleaning solution

For older couches, you may have to use stronger cleaning agents. Use this when protective sprays can no

longer do the trick.

Dust regularly

Prevention goes a long way to maintain the condition of your suede couch. Keep couch clean with regular

dusting using a cloth or dustier.

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